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Level Woltman detachable copper cover modelsLXLC-50-300MM)


To record the total amount of water passing through the pipeline.


The meter is dry water meter, adopting digital code wheel display and magnetic transmission between the counting mechanism and measurement mechanism, with characteristics of advanced structure, easy reading, a small pressure loss, high universality, and easy maintenance, and the counting mechanism and movement can be replaced without cutting off the water supply or temporarily cutting off the water supply.

Working Conditions

Temperature Rating(Grade):T30/T90

Pressure Rating:MPA10 (recommending MPA16 )

GB/T778.1~3—2007(ISO4064—1~3:2005IDT)The technical parameters are in accordance with the provisions of national standard of GB/T778.1~3—2007(ISO4064—1~3:2005IDT).

Maximum Permissible Errors

Maximum permissible errors in the low area(Q1≤Q≤Q2) are ±5%.

Maximum permissible errors in the high areaQ2≤Q≤Q4are ±2%.

Note: The dimensions and weight, as well as the main counting parameters are subject to the physical products and order requirements.

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