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Rotor type water meter(LXS-15-150MM)


To record the total amount of water passing through the pipeline.


Rotary wing type water meter is commonly known as “Pumpkin Meter”.

It has two appearances:

LXS-(80~150)C is called national set type; LXS-(80~150)D is called Tianjin type.

Working Conditions

Temperature Rating:T30

Pressure Rating:MPA10 (Recommending MPA16)

The technical parameters are in accordance with the provisions of national standard of GB/T778.1~3—2007(ISO4064—1~3:2005IDT).

Maximum Permissible Errors

Maximum permissible errors in the low area(Q1≤Q≤Q2are ±5%.

Maximum permissible errors in the high area(Q2≤Q≤Q4are ±2%.


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