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The level of Woltman detachable signaling water meter


To record the total amount of water passing through the pipeline.


This water meter is dry-type meter, adopting magnetic transmission between the counting mechanism and measurement mechanism, whose seal and digital code wheel on the dial are not affected by the water quality and the reading is always clear;

The count value of the digital code wheel display is of wide range and high accuracy;

Photoelectric direct reading of the data reduces the reading error to zero compared with traditional pulse meters, and it is an electronic remote meter with zero electro-mechanical transformation error in the automatic meter reading system;

Low power design, and power supply is not required unless in meter reading;

Working power supply:DC9-15V(RS-485);DC24-42V(M-BUS);

Communication mode:RS-485

Fieldbus;M-BUS  Fieldbus;

Communication Transmission Rate:1200/2400bps,

the Maximum Communication Transmission Distance:1200mm;

Non-contact sensor does not affect the original properties of the mechanical meter;

The infrared shooting mode enhances the anti-jamming capability; non-mechanical contact manner will not cause garbled reading phenomenon due to mechanical loosening;

It can be combined with meter reading system to establish a remote automatic meter reading management system and truly realizing automatic meter reading;

This electronic device complies with “Electronic Remote Meter” (CJ/T224-2012) standard.

Working Conditions

Temperature Rating:T30

Pressure Rating:MPA10 (Recommending MPA16)

The technical parameters are in accordance with the provisions of national standard of GB/T778.1~3—2007(ISO4064—1~3:2005IDT).

Maximum Permissible Errors

Maximum permissible errors in the low area(Q1≤Q≤Q2are ±5%.

Maximum permissible errors in the high area(Q2≤Q≤Q4are ±2%.


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